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Sammers Supporters Club Launches

Sammers SC

Sammers Supporters Club Is Now Alive

 In 2012 a few of the old guard were talking about how we really wanted to have a Supporters Club that felt different from the current offerings.  There was a lot of what we used to have, and how we pined for those old days.  We were spread across North America, Texas, New England, Alberta, Ontario, Wisconsin, New York City, Seattle, Kansas City, Los Angeles, etc and so this wonderful journey began then.  

It has taken us a lot of time and effort to get to the point we are today.  We understand there are options and room for various Supporters Groups, and we are the voice that has come to sing.  

We promise this will be a completely unique experience.  Why?  Well our governance model for one, two we want to enjoy the game day experience and the actual game.  We are in this to support the team and the team only.  We are looking to be ourselves and have a great time doing it.  So get ready to lose your voice #WeCameToSing