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When Registering To Become A Member

Sammers SC

When Registering To Become A Member 

Please note we are using a Club Management database (Power-up Sports), so it may feel like a soccer club registration.  

We know a majority of everyone has been or is involved in club sports, so hopefully the registration process is pretty seamless.  There are some things that might be a little confusing and we are working on customizing the database.  It will say "Add a player" "Register for a season" etc in some spots, so it will be a little different as opposed to other supporters groups.  

We are using Power-up Sports, as it is a very easy to use database for us to use, the support is fantastic, and it lets us communicate with our membership quite easily.  We looked at many options, and feel that this has been our best option, and we hope you'll feel the same way.  We hope that you understand, if you have any questions/concerns, contact us