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We Came To Sing.  We are here to support the US National Teams and have a great time doing it.  So join us now, become an individual member, or form your own Brigade.  Be a part of our Army of Supporters across the United States and abroad.  

As a full member, you have the opportunity to have a voice not only at matches, but also with Sammers SC, all of our members are eligible for our board.  We are truly unique.  

Become A Member Now!


Types of Membership

We have created individual and family memberships for Sammers SC.  We realize that folks are not alone and that adding a family to the experience is a great thing.  So with this in mind, if you are by yourself and not adding your family, simply select the Individual Membership.  

If you have a family, you can select the Family Membership and add your spouse and up to two children (age 16 and under) onto your account.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Regular membership - $25 individual/$50 family
[includes regular scarf and other items]

Benefits of Membership 

Supporters Section ticket access

A direct voice and vote in how the organization is run

A chance to make a difference through your support

and we continue to work on additional benefits for members every single day.

We are working hard on partnerships that will help defray some of the costs associated with being a supporter and traveling not only in the US but abroad as well. 


Registering To Become A Member 

Go here then on the right hand side of the page click the "Sign Up" tab. This will register an account with us. Once you have completed your profile here you will need to Log In to your account. Once logged in you will be able to select your membership and pay via PayPal. If you are unable to do so please email us

Please note we are using a Club Management database (Power-up Sports), so it may feel like a soccer club registration.  We know a majority of everyone has been or is involved in club sports, so hopefully the registration process is pretty seamless.  There are some things that might be a little confusing and we are working on customizing the database.  It will say "Add a player" "Register for a season" etc in some spots, so it will be a little different as opposed to other supporters groups.  We are using Power-up Sports, as it is a very easy to use database for us to use, the support is fantastic, and it lets us communicate with our membership quite easily.  So We hope that you understand!