About Us

Why Sammers SC, why now?

We are here to support the US National soccer teams vigorously via stadium noise (songs, chants, loudly supporting the team, etc.) and visual distractions (banners, signs, waving flags, crowd movement, etc.).

We aim to provide the US National soccer teams with the psychological advantage of a loyal, fanatical, and dedicated body of fans, willing to “Sing for 90” minutes as the team battles for victory.  We Came To Sing is really our mantra.  We feel that this has been missing in the current in-stadia environment.

We will have fun while supporting the US National teams in our own independent and unique way. We want to organize and promote social facilities & activities, while positively impacting the community.

We will maintain open and positive communication with US Soccer Federation officials, promote membership in Sammers SC and represent the views of Sammers SC and the volunteer board based of members.  This organization is for the supporters by the supporters.