The Sammers Supporter Club is setting up Brigades across the United States and abroad.  You can form one of your own or join an existing Brigade!

Find a Brigade Near You

To join one of the Brigades as an individual, contact the Brigade.  We will be posting links to the various Brigade Facebook pages and Twitter handles shortly.  In the meantime contact Bill for information on the current Brigades in:


Central Florida






New Hampshire

New York


Foreign Legion

Starting a Brigade

If you are looking to become a Brigade, it is fairly simple.

  1. Contact Bill – let him know that you would like to start a Brigade.
  2. Create a Facebook Page and Twitter Handle – send it to us so we can link our Brigades together socially. We ask that you use the following convention for naming your Brigade:
    [location – can be nickname specific to area] Brigade – SSC. Twitter should resemble this as closely as possible.
  3. Find a home venue to host US National Team viewing parties – and let us know when and where you are having events and we will post it to our website!